15 agosto, 2006

Cyberfriends Forever


It doesn't matter what you wear
What you eat or what you weigh.
Who cares if your hair's a total mess
Or if you're hundreds of miles away?
To see you in my cont! act list
Whenever you're online
Reminds me of how glad I am
That you're all friends of mine!
Whenever I need to rant or rave
You're always there for me,
You hear me out on everything
And we so rarely disagree!
Whether there's a problem to solve
Or a funny story to tell,
Though we listen with our eyes,
We understand each other so well.
We've got games right at our fingertips
And funny greetings too,
Whenever I'm at my computer,
There's ALWAYS! ! ! ! ! ! something to do!
So here's to you, my cyber friends,
You really are the best!!
You make the web sure feel like home
And for that I feel so blessed!

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