27 abril, 2006

My love for China

My love for China

Exists inexplicable things in our lives or better explained under the optics of the heart or of the feelings.
Since girl it lay down with the sound of "Guten Abent..Gute Nacht " Musik: Johannes Brahms op. 49 Nr. 4 (1868) sung by my mother and I fell asleep hearing stories of her loved land China.
Where landscapes, people, facts passed to me with much exactness and color. Thus I accustomed to construct images on China in my heart before I had them in front to my eyes.
My mother Mathilde Schlachtbauer born in Tsingdao; today Qingdao Province of Shangdong, had performed with care education in European and Chinese way until its 18th years. She studied and talked Chinese ,Japanese ,French ,German and English with perfection
She returned to Germany with 19th years and finally before second war to Brazil.
My grandfather German diplomat was very identified with the Chinese reality and people.
Johann Karl Schlachtbauer loved excessively this land, adopted since he left
"Mönchsroth, Deutchland."
This great love for China took him to become prisoner of Japanese Army having been sending for Siberia during the conflict between China and Japan.
But the stories of my mother that much had enchanted me spoke of arts, of beauty of a huge and suffering people extremely faithful to its origins.
Of the embroidering in silk, of the images in bronze, of jewels in jade and silver and of wares in fine Chinese porcelain remain units until now.
Today fully adored by my son Luis Otavio and to whom I repeat these wonderful histories.
Of the friendships made with Chinese and abruptly interrupted by the terrible war it remained for her homesickness…..but her certainty of one day to come back to China was transfer to me.
I always asked her to wrote a book about China and with smiles she answered.
- "Daughter this you will make ….I already planted my tree and had children". Today I thank to the Skies and the to YANBEIYUN FAMILY from city of Changde, Province of Hunan; met by Cyberspace, to completed my search with the images that I much dreamed since girl.
I can today visit “Mami’s” adored Quigdao, Bay Jiaozhou, Pier, the houses, the Temples as if the time had stopped, only for my arrival.
And today from the hands of this friend we will take in this Saturday one fantastic Chinese tea in Chinese porcelains of 1700.
I intend to visit China someday, with my family in the certainty that the bridges of understanding and love build by my parents and grandparents were never knocked down.
Hoping that the nations understand that the only solution for the world-wide crises passes by words like FRATERNITY and TOLERANCE.

Image by Alfred Molon

Yunnan Kunming Arch - China

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